Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Angel Ornament



Angel Ornament

This updated angel ornament, made by wrapping metallic crochet thread around a piece of cardboard, is a fun family project that even the youngest child will enjoy making. Make several for the perfect package ties for the ‘angel’ on your holiday gift list.

Courtesy of Coats & Clark®


Project #:




 Crafting Time: Varies with Experience

 Skill Level:

 1 being the easiest





  • Ribbon Rose,15mm
  • Cardboard, 2 x 5-inches
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.

Due to the seasonal nature of some merchandise, actual availability of some products pictured may vary.



Note: Hold 2 strands together as one through the pattern. The quantity in the materials list will make two angels.



Step 1: Cut four 12-inch lengths of thread for ties and set aside.



Step 2: Wrap thread 125 times around the 5-inch side of cardboard. Cut wraps at one edge and tie tightly at the center of the wraps with a precut length of thread.



Step 3: Slip the bead onto the tied ends and knot with the other tie end to secure the bead within the head. Fold the threads over the bead to cover; with a 2nd precut length, tie tightly under the bead to form the head and neck.



Step 1: Wrap thread 80 times around the 2-inch width of cardboard. Slip all wraps off the cardboard without cutting. Insert a 3rd precut length into the circle of wraps and tie tightly to form the wrist areas.



Step 2: Divide the body threads in half, slip the circle of arm threads over one half of those threads and up close to the head, being sure to leave the wrist at the center front. With body threads together again, tie tightly around the body immediately below the arm circle with a 4th precut length for the waist. Smooth threads of the skirt by combing with a knitting needle or other blunt implement. Trim.



Glue ribbon rose to wrist area. Glue halo in place. Tie ribbon into a bow; glue to back of torso. Trim ribbon ends. Add a hanging cord to the head.


Angel measures 5-inches long.
Refer to photo to complete project.


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