Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To a New House at Christmas

To a New House at Christmas


This year - and hereafter -
Let every beam and rafter
Echo love and laughter.

Store up the sound of fife and drum,
Hold close new babies and the cry
Of young delight. Let children come.
Enclose much love, for people die,
And years grow old. You cannot keep,
Except in mind, the footsteps gone.
The homing heart may joy or weep.
Yours is the wonder that is born
Of holding close all those who call
Your roof their own. Confide to boughs
About your eaves in spring or fall,
In June or now, that life endows
A house with Christmas laughter
For now - and ever after.


~ Rosemary Clifford Trott, from the December 1957 Good Housekeeping Magazine ~

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